Aluminium and acrylic glass - an unbeatable combination!

Getting to grips with the material and developing the possibilities in design and production are central points in the creation of our lights. With the aid of elaborate and modern processing methods, expressive design lights are made of high-quality aluminium and white acrylic glass.

A high degree of creativity through communication between designers, technicians and manufacturing specialists leads to extraordinary and well-conceived concepts.

We only use high quality brushed aluminium.

Aluminium is a dimensionally stable and robust material. The brushing, which creates a silky and gently shimmering play of light, is another quality feature of GROSSMANN luminaires.
An elaborate anodising process (electrolytic oxidation) makes the surfaces of each individual luminaire resistant, abrasion-resistant and protects against corrosion. At the same time, the different colors of our lights are created by the anodizing bath.

High quality satined acrylic glass - for highest demands!

Acrylic glass - excellent properties

The high-quality acrylic glass used by us has a velvety look due to the satinised surface. The possibility of technical processing into cubes, cuboids, rhombuses, flat plates or tubes is an important prerequisite for the use of the material in the production of our various design-oriented lights.

The GROSSMANN claim to the high functionality of its lights is met by high translucency combined with excellent light scattering properties - and that with the best colour and material retention!

Optiwhite glass

Optiwhite™-Glass is a clear floatglass, poor of iron oxide, with a very high light transmission and a colour neutral transluscency. It distingguishes by its attractive bright glass edge and does not create a perceptible green undertone in the glass.