Long term durability

In our lights, we exclusively use high-quality LEDs and operating units of well-known manufacturers which offer a LONG TERM DURABILITY. To promote resource-conserving handling and the sustainability and service life of our products even better, both the LEDs and the operating units are FACTORY REPLACEABLE.

Modern technology and know-how in all GROSSMANN lights!

Good light quality is defined, among other things, by a natural COLOUR REPRODUCTION. This indicates the effect of light on coloured objects and is represented by the CRI (Colour-Rendering-Index) on a scale of 0-100. The higher this value is, the more natural the colours are and the more pleasant the light. We use warm white LEDs with a CRI of 95 in all our lights without restriction – in this way we achieve the current top values in terms of light quality.
Different requirements call for individual lighting moods - for the highest degree of well-being, all our lights are DIMMABLE using standard dimmers.
With the DIM-TO-WARM TECHNOLOGY,the light can be infinitely dimmed to 2000 K.


Dimming GROSSMANN lights

We use dimmable electronic drivers in LED lights. The LED lights require a dimmer that is adapted to this technology. The following LED dimmers have so far been tested for compatibility with the installed driver:

Click here for the download:


"dim-to-warm" for a homely atmosphere

Kelvin - light colour

The term "Kelvin" describes the light colour. The higher this value is, the more neutral/colder the light is. All GROSSMANN lights for the living area are equipped with LEDs with values of 2700 or 3000 Kelvin.

With the dim-to-warm technology you can change the light colour up to 2000 Kelvin, creating a warm, cosy room atmosphere!

Here you can see our dim-to-warm label - you can recognise the lights with this technology by this symbol!

Sensor dimmer with memory function (touch-dim function)

The LIA series employs the touch-dim function:

The light is operated intuitively by simply touching the sensor surface. A brief touch of the sensor surface switches the light on or off.
A longer touch of the sensor activates the continuous dimming of the lamp. When the lamp is switched on again, the brightness is as last set (memory function).

USB charging port

The table lamp series LIA is equipped with a USB charging port which can be used to charge mobile devices. With an output line of  5V=/ 0.5 -1A (5W), it is also suitable for fast charging devices up to max. 2A.

No eye damage from GROSSMANN®-LED lights

GROSSMANN®-LED lights do not pose a photobiological hazard to the human eye. As with conventional light sources, however, staring into the bright light source should be avoided.